Waste and resource recovery services including collection, treatment and disposal services, and transfer stations are now open for commercial contractors and public residents (Source: DHHS).

Are you still operating during current restrictions?

Yes, Future Recycling is currently continuing to operate.
We have a COVID-safe workplace plan in place to maintain service offerings to our customers.
We have undertaken strict measures, in line with government advice, to limit the spread of the virus, we have isolation and strict hygiene protocols in place.
We have also modified our operating hours and changed our conditions of entry to ensure compliance with the Victorian Government’s protocols.
Our Dandenong and Hallam depots can now receive and collect materials from commercial and trade customers as well as public residents.
Our Pakenham Transfer Station can now receive and collect materials from commercial and trade customers as well as public residents.
And our Shepparton depot continues to operate under restrictions for regional Victoria.

What are your changed conditions of entry?

These conditions of entry are applicable to all Future Recycling sites:
For the wellbeing of our clients and our staff members please abide by our modified conditions of entry.
Any breaches of these conditions will result in you being asked to leave the premises.
You must provide your name, address, and telephone number upon entry. This will be recorded into our database and used if necessary, for contact tracing.
Your body temperature will be taken upon entry. If you have a fever you will not be permitted to enter our site.
If you are unwell or showing the mildest of symptoms, please do not enter.
If you have had contact with a confirmed case or travelled overseas in the past 14 days, you are not permitted to enter our site.
Physical distancing is to be practiced – 1.5m between staff and visitors.
Please follow all directional signage.
Use provided hand sanitiser upon entry and exit.

Have your operating hours changed?

For our Melbourne sites we have made the following changes to ensure our compliance with the Victorian Government’s current restrictions:
Pakenham Transfer Station
Opening Hours Mon – Friday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm & Sat 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Hallam Depot
Opening Hours Mon – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Dandenong Depot
Opening Hours Mon – Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Shepparton Depot*
Opening Hours Mon – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
* Shepparton is currently located outside of the Melbourne metro zone, however operationally remains compliant with current restrictions for regional Victoria.

Can I visit a Future Recycling site?

Yes. All Future Recycling sites are now open to the public and accepting all materials. We are working with a COVID-safe plan and all visitors must abide by the guidelines on-site.
If you would like a copy of our COVID-safe plan before you visit » click here

Do I need to wear a mask whilst on site?

Yes, it is a condition of entry to our site that you wear a mask.

Will my scrap steel or waste collection be affected?

We are working hard to support you during this pandemic, our business model is robust and adaptive.
Your service throughout this time will not change.
If you are concerned about the needs of your business, please contact us on 13 73 29.

What steps is Future Recycling taking to minimise the risk of COVID-19?

Future Recycling have decided to take the following steps inline with community expectations and Government regulations. To download our COVID-19 Safety Procedures Fact Sheet » click here

What are your procedures if there is a confirmed case of COVID at your sites?

ISOLATE: Isolate the person from others and provide a disposable surgical mask, if available, for the person to wear.
INFORM: Notify Worksafe Victoria on 13 23 60. Follow the advice of health officials.
TRANSPORT: Ensure the person has transport to their home or to a medical facility
CLEAN: Clean the area where the person was working and all places they have been. This may mean evacuating those areas. Use PPE when cleaning.
IDENTIFY: Identify who at the workplace had close contact with the infected person in the 24 hours before that infected person started showing symptoms. Send those people home to isolate. Allow employees to raise concerns.
CLEAN: Clean the area where the close contact people were working and all common areas they have been. This may mean evacuating those areas. Use PPE when cleaning.
REVIEW: Review risk management controls relating to COVID-19 and review whether work may need to change. Keep employees up to date on what is happening.
MANDATORY REPORTING: From July 7 2020 if a confirmed case of COVID-19, eg positive test result, happens at work the person with management control of the workplace must notify Worksafe Victoria immediately. Ph: 13 23 60
This applies if any employee, contractor, employee of a contractor or self-employed person receives a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus and has attended the workplace up to 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms or the confirmed diagnosis.

Can I schedule a site meeting?

Until further notice all non-essential face-to-face meetings are deferred, however we are still here to help you.
We have become well versed in virtual meetings please call on 13 73 29 to discuss your needs.

Who do I contact If I need more information?

You can call us on 13 73 29 if you have any concerns; alternatively please send us an email » click here