Environmental footprint

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge to reduce carbon emissions and we are committed to being part of the solution.

Future Recycling is dedicated to being a carbon neutral business and has been a voluntary carbon neutral company since 2014. We are the only certified Carbon Neutral waste business under Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard (formerly National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS)). Not only are we endeavouring to offset our emissions, we have also reduced our emissions from previous 2016 emission levels.

Our approach to carbon management is aligned with the best practice emission reductions principles. We encourage all our customers to support our position.

The calculation of our emissions has been carried out in accordance with the Federal Government’s Greenhouse Accounts Factors (2014) and consistent with the methodology outlined in the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard (formerly NCOS).


Sustainability Policy

Future Recycling understands the need for companies to do more to protect our environment and that a sustainable business pays equal attention to economic, social and environmental outcomes in its operation.

To that end this Sustainability Statement describes Future Recycling’s intention to continually improve its operation through:

  • Always meeting and preferably exceeding regulatory laws and regulations
  • Always maintaining a safe work environment through the correct use of equipment
  • Engagement with employees to ensure high standards of performance
  • Utilisation of the highest standards of systems accreditation
  • Monitoring of water and energy to minimise use in all operations
  • Maximisation of resources recovery opportunities through the recycling of materials and the minimisation of waste
  • Introduction of energy efficiency measures to minimise greenhouse gas production