Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions about our waste transfer stations.

If you have other questions then let’s talk, call 13 RECYCLING (13 73 29)

What types of waste do you accept?

We accept all types of hard rubbish / waste with the exclusion of asbestos, polystyrene and hazardous waste.
Waste is charged by the cubic metre.
It is best to separate your waste into types to reduce the cost and increase the amount of recycled material. Waste types include green waste, metals, e-waste, timber, paper and cardboard, recyclable cans and bottles, and other items. Wherever possible, do not place items in plastic bags.

What do you recycle?

We recycle metals, green waste, e-waste, cans and glass (Including through Bayside Container Deposit Scheme from November 2023), paper and cardboard, timber and builders’ waste eg. bricks, concrete, dirt etc.
We will continue to invest in state of the art equipment to further recover additional recyclables and work with our partners to keep on top of the latest developments in recycling.

Do you accept metal free?

Yes, we accept metal items free of charge. Exclusions apply for gas bottles.
Metal items accepted include white goods, air conditioners, scrap metal and copper cables with lead ends and plastic connectors removed (PVC covering to be left on).
Metal will be separated into ferrous (metals with iron component eg. steel, stainless steel, iron) & non ferrous (metals with no iron component eg. aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc) for recycling.

Do you accept oil and paint?

Oil and Paint are accepted, however, a charge per litre does apply for oil. Please call 13 RECYCLING (13 73 29) for further details.

Is green waste free of charge?

Unfortunately, due to sorting, labour, and mulching costs charges do apply to the disposal of green waste.
Branches, pruning, plants, weeds and leaves are all accepted. Please separate from other waste, bundle or keep branches loose and do not use plastic bags or ties.

Do you accept cardboard free of charge?

Due to the volatility in the current market and the increased costs of transporting and processing we do currently charge a small fee for cardboard. Please ensure your paper and cardboard is separated and not in plastic bags. Cardboard that is contaminated with food or oil cannot be recycled.
See our Price List for current pricing on recycling cardboard  » click here

How much waste is sent to landfill?

We aim to recycle as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. We aim for 70% of waste to be recycled.
If waste is well-separated, there is a greater chance it can be recycled.

Who is Future Recycling?

Future Recycling has been in operation since 2007 and has a background in scrap metal recycling. Future Recycling now offers complete waste management tailored to the specific needs of commercial, industrial and residential clients.
In 2016, Cardinia Waste & Recyclers became Future Recycling Waste Transfer Station in Pakenham. We thank all the many loyal customers who supported the business to grow over the years and endeavour to continue to provide the best service.
In 2022, Future Recycling Waste Transfer Station in Hallam was opened next door to Future Recycling Hallam Scrap Metal Recyclers.
In 2023, Bayside City Council awarded Future Recycling with the lease for the Copperrock Bayside Waste and Recycling Centre. Future Recycling will be redeveloping the site to improve it’s service and efficiency for Bayside residents.

How is Future Recycling involved in the local community?

Future Recycling Transfer Station employs local people and supports local schools, kindergartens, charities and clubs with the sale of pre-loved goods recycled within the transfer station. Future Recycling want to ensure that their involvement with the local community is further enhanced in years to come.

What are the safety procedures at the recycling centre?

Future Recycling Transfer Stations uses industry best work practices to make it an environmentally responsible, safe and friendly company to deal with for both customers and employees.
We track, measure and report the volumes and types of materials and manage all aspects of contracting, collection, processing and recycling. And are certified  ISO9001 Quality, AS/NZS 4801 Safety and ISO 14001 Environmental
We provide a tailored service along with modern and safe equipment and expert personnel