Developing our circular economy

A circular economy is an economy that replaces the typical cycle of make, use, dispose in favour of as much re-use and recycling as possible, where waste is designed out. Products, resources and materials are kept circulating for as long as possible, extracting their greatest value. In a circular economy, the natural environment is restored and protected.

In a waste business, many materials have value and can be recovered, extending their life for additional use in the community through re-use or recycling. Future Recycling are committed to recovering as much usable resource from waste as possible to prevent it from entering landfill.

A circular economy is complex and requires commitment and innovation from industry, government and the community. Recovered resources need to have value in order to be viable. The use of recycled material in place of raw materials can also reduce the use of resources such as energy and water.

Flow of resources in the Future Recycling waste and resource recovery system



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