Market Update: Leadership

Welcome to our new, weekly leadership tip and market update for scrap steel, scrap aluminium and scrap copper presented by Tyrone Landsman, Managing Director at Future Recycling. In business, especially during times of uncertainty, sometimes all that’s needed is leadership and support. Business consultant, Harold Krawitz, provides a forward and his business tips from the sporting fields including some insights from the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Watch now…

Cash for scrap metal banned

Long awaited legislative changes

On the 27th of September of 2017, the Victorian parliament passed laws banning cash payments for scrap metal recycling. With this legislation in effect following parliamentary assent, a transition period for businesses to incorporate the new practice requirements by the 30 May 3018; at the latest as all provisions will be activated, the Justice Legislation Amendment (Protective Service Officers and Other Matters) Act will change the scrap metal landscape. (more…)

China’s new waste import policy

In the wake of China’s decision to prohibit foreign exports of certain recyclable waste, council contractors are no doubt scratching their heads as to what to do next. How do they manage their obligations, where will all this material go. (more…)

The circular economy

Fear can either lead us forward or drive us back. Change rarely comes without stumbles and hiccups, and such a thought can be a pretty daunting one. However, the opportunity that the circular economy presents is one that may very well be the planet’s saviour. Or if you’re a glass half full person, at the very least, an opportunity for the planet to answer a particularly challenging equation. (more…)