A growing fleet for a growing business

Future Recycling DAF Truck Range
In 2016 Future Metals Recycling was renamed to Future Recycling and from there the company came into its own. Having diversified its portfolio, which had originally been in metal recycling dating back to 2008, to include waste and cardboard recycling collection services, the business helmed by Tyrone Landsman, who became the sole owner in 2018, has gone from strength to strength.


Future Recycling improving recycling opportunities for Bayside residents

Future Recycling Bayside is a new Return-It CDS Vic refund point. Locals can now take in drink containers to be counted and refunded on the spot. At 10 cents per eligible container it’s a great way to make some extra cash or donate to charity – while helping the environment.


Market Update: Bayside Waste & Recycling Centre

Take a look at the new Future Recycling facility in Bayside. We’re making significant improvements for Bayside residents that will make this a cleaner and more sustainable waste and recycling centre. We’ll be open while improvements are being made. Come and see us at 144 Talinga Road, Cheltenham. Watch now…

Liebherr does the heavy lifting at Future Recycling

Future Recycling Liebherr Dandenong Depot
Future Recycling Managing Director Tyrone Landsman explains why manufacturer support for equipment is just as important as performance.


Market Update: Hallam Depot

Our Hallam Waste Transfer Station is coming along. Featuring new bays for separation of waste and an undercover area for sorting and recycling. Our new depot is conveniently located at 57 Star Crescent, Hallam. Opening this Spring – just in time for a bit of Spring cleaning. Watch now…

Market Update: Christmas Message

Welcome to our latest update with our Christmas message presented by Tyrone Landsman, Managing Director. Business consultant, Harold Krawitz, provides a forward and his business tips about understanding what your current situation is and the best way to move forward in the New Year. Watch now…

Market Update: Future Vision

Welcome to our latest update outlining the vision for the Future Recycling business, presented by Tyrone Landsman, Managing Director. Business consultant, Harold Krawitz, provides a forward and his business tips about goals and your vision for the future. Watch now…

Cash for scrap metal banned

Long awaited legislative changes

On the 27th of September of 2017, the Victorian parliament passed laws banning cash payments for scrap metal recycling. With this legislation in effect following parliamentary assent, a transition period for businesses to incorporate the new practice requirements by the 30 May 3018; at the latest as all provisions will be activated, the Justice Legislation Amendment (Protective Service Officers and Other Matters) Act will change the scrap metal landscape. (more…)

China’s decision to stop taking foreign waste

China has long been the leader in imported recyclable materials, just as it is in much of the world’s international trade. However, the decision by China to no longer accept recyclable imports has sent much of the world into disarray. (more…)

It doesn’t all have to go to waste

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